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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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The smaller packaging, yeah, isn't a big deal but sort of just feels more "rushed" than most other TV series sets. But the complete lack of a decent episode guide sticks out terribly.
Compared to what sets. I own about 15 different tv shows on Blu-Ray, and that is standard practice. None come with inserts, episode listing are on the inside covers.

In fact its that way for films as well.

I haven't seen the type of material you are talking about since moving to the Blu-Ray format 3 years ago.

I think its only DVD's that I have ever had little booklets included, and some of those an episode listings on them (but not many), and of course many of those came with more varied designs. But for the most part I hated those designs. I hated the Modern Trek DVD releases as they were awful. Hard to access, hard to store, just awful.
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