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awesome pics, Gary!! And there I thought I am the only one here with a weakness for close ups, lol.
You have an excellent eye for interesting motives.

And I love the baby swallows and the meadow, Bocco. The landscape looks very much like the area I live in, only the building style is different and our mountains are less ragged (ours are very old and worn down to soft round shapes).

Here in Bavaria, the blue flowers in the pic are called Wegwarte (waits at the road) as they mostly grow along roads and paths. It's one of my favourite flowers

There's a legend about the plant's name:
a young man was forced into the army and had to go to war. His betrothed waited at the road for him to return, wearing the blue dress he liked best so that he should be able to spot her from afar. He never returned, though, and she kept waiting for years until she was literally rooted to the spot and gradually turned into the blue waits-at-the-road flower.

On a more prosaical note: the roots of this plant were cut, toasted and ground as a coffee-substitute during and after the war. The leaves and buds are edible, too. The plant is the ancestor of our lettuce, belgian endive (aka chicoree) and radiccio.
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