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Re: Avengers 2 News, Rumors, Etc. Pictures until release...

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Awesome. While I like the revolving door idea, I'd prefer if they got the whole cast together for at least one more film--though I understand RDJ might be a tough sell.

In related news:

Outstanding Avengers series canceled after half season.
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In related news:

Outstanding Avengers series canceled after half season.

"Cancelled Avengers series soars in DVD sales"

"Wheadon Fans send shawarma's to tv studio"

"Summer Glau to guest star on "Avengers" series"
Meanwhile, Avengers 2 shows Hawkeye dealing with PTSD after having been kidnapped and mind-controlled by Loki, while Captain America is still having serious problems adjusting to the life in the 21st century environment and starts going off the rails a bit. Some fans greet this as a great example of gritty, psychologically realistic storytelling, but others, who have previously lauded The Avengers as better than Nolan's Batman trilogy because "superheroes movies are supposed to be fun", now declare that the franchise has become too glum and depressing and "jumped the shark". To make things worse, it turns out that Bruce still has problems controlling his Hulk transformations and has to deal with his rage issues, while Tony does something really self-centered and he and Pepper temporarily break up. A bunch of fans get really pissed off and complain that this makes no sense since they had already dealt with those problems in the previous movie, and that this means Bruce will never have problems controlling Hulk, while Tony has overcome his character flaws, and that Joss just does this to create unnecessary drama and because he can't let characters be happy. If any of the characters die in the movie, this seals the deal and it's proclaimed that Joss is up to his old tricks. On the other hand, of the new fans unfamiliar with Joss' previous work declare that there's no way that the guy who made the first movie is someone who's into dark, depressing storylines, screwed-up characters and heartbreak, so they conclude that Joss was probably too busy developing the Avengers TV show and that it's one of other people working on the movie who's to blame.

In the meantime, in the new Thor movie, Thor manages to get Loki to start reforming. He appears at some point in the Avengers movie as a somewhat of an ambiguously good-ish guy, to the delight of many Loki fans who wants to see him redeemed, but a bunch of other fans declare that they liked him much better when he was evil, and that he's completely ruined now, since he now does nothing but whine about his parentage and about his brother and whether his father loved him enough. Which is completely different from the time when he was evil, when he was always whining about his parentage and his brother and whether his father loved him enough, but he somehow did it in a much cooler way. His redemption story is a bumpy road though, and he gets to do something bad on screen, which he feels bad about. Some Loki fans, enraged by this, declare that this is completely OOC since Loki has been good for a very long time, actually he was never actually that bad, and Joss and the people at Marvel just hate and don't understand his character. On the other hand, a bunch of fans declare that Loki's character is now forever ruined for them - he was so lovable when he was a genocidal maniac and when he was killing over 80 people over the space of two days, but now he's just disgusting.

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