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Re: VOY Caption This 83; Curiosity Killed The Cat...

B'Elanna: What do you mean when you say you forgot to get your contraceptive shot last quarter?

Harry: Here's a computer algorhythm I designed to track down all the women Tom has been with in the last 3 months, complete with frequency of encounters and likelihood of successfull fertilization based on Human/Alien DNA.

Chakotay: I don't know... I think I like the old fashioned way, you know, where the child grows inside the Mother.

B'Elanna: Sure you do, you're a guy... but I don't see Tom volunteering to go through 9 months of morning sickness, back aches and fluid retention, do you?

Janeway: You forgot WHAT last quarter?!!?!!?

Kes: Do you think its safe enough to go back on board yet?

Harry: I don't think so... I think I can still hear Janeway scream all the way down here!

B'Elanna: Sigh. I'm really gonna miss Tom. Harry, ever want to be a surrogate Father?
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