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Re: Voyager Fanfics, Creations, and Favorite Videos

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Chak: "Will you marry me?"

Capt J: You are asking me this NOW?!?!?!"

Oh, I remember that vid, such fun. That part is hilarious! Thanks for sharing that one, teacake.

One that I've always enjoyed, and it seemed fitting to share in my 300th post.

Ohhhh, I had forgotten that one... it has ANOTHER fav line.

"We're in for one wild night."

Do you get the feeling KJ is about to say...
"Promises, promises." ???

Tom Paris as 007.. and Janeway as Ms M.

This one isn't a "Voyager" vid... its a 3+min "great starship battles" vid. I just love the way they've incorporated our little ship into the vid so it appears its in the midst of everything.

Oh wow! I've seen the Tom/B'Elanna version before, but never knew there was a JANEWAY/Paris version too!

Here's P/BLT version (with Tuvok as the Grandfather, believe it or not I found a 3rd vid that one featuring T/P and with the EMH as the grandfather.)

and here's the J/P version!

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