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Castro is an exciting but very young player. I enjoy watching him and I feel that he will come around as he ages.
He's 22 and a complete knucklehead with zero focus on the field and no plate discipline whatsoever. While he has a legitimate ability to hit for average, that's a pretty meaningless skill to have without much power, and when his ability to get on base is determined almost entirely on getting hits, a bad BABIP year would make him fundamentally useless at the plate. The Cubs should have sold him when his value was high, instead of sitting there and watching him be exposed as the latest in the Cubs' lineage of "elite" prospects who turn out to strike out a ton, slap singles and play shitty defense. Corey Patterson and Felix Pie, anyone?
Dude, he is 22 years old. Don't dismiss his ability to hit for average early as that is a better sign than hitting for power at his age. Hitting for power is learned and will evolve as he ages. You just can't be the kind of fan that has knee jerk reactions to players performance. What if the Braves had quit on Heyward after his sophomore slump last year? Castro has tremendous upside you just have to be patient. The Trout's and Trumbo's of the world are an exception and not the norm for young talent. He's also dealing with constant changes with Manager's and the players on the field which has caused his role in the lineup to always be in flux. He'll be fine.
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