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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Yeah, the packaging leaves a LOT to be desired.

And yeah the episode listing on the inside cover seems like an after thought and it's still not easy to read since you first have to remove Disc 1 to see it and even then the plastic forms of the case itself makes it hard to fully read the listing(s.) Would it have been that hard for each disc to have a label on it listing the episodes?

I sort of like the DVD packaging it feels large and grand, exactly what it should be for this series. Though smaller packaging of the BD is nice it just feels... cheap and like and after thought.

And, yeah, choosing a language when loading up each disc is annoying. The intro to and menu itself is bland with most of the screen being empty. Even when you go to episode selection the episode preview is a small, still, photo from the episode? Why not when highlighting an episode have a full-video going on in the VAST OPEN SPACE of the menu screen?!
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