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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

Yes OGAM was a fan film simply because it was an indie outside of the licence holders, however with so many pro-actors and the three leads reprising their roles it feels like so much more...

It's 24th Century post Voyager! (Or 'Silver Age' as I believe Barbara likes to call it)

From Twitter:

post-Voyager, and yes, more celebs - will be announcing a few more before our big announcement September 12th
How many actors will be reprising roles?

Will be interesting to see what they do about sets. How long after Voyager? A Voyager reunion or actors from multiple shows? The Titan or is Tuvok on another ship? Could this be Dorn's Captain Worf idea? LaForge on the Challenger? It's TNG25 so that may play into things - the good thing is for post-series stories blending TNG, DS9 and VOY can be relatively easy.

The plot thickens!! I'm going nowhere...
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