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Re: Why did the Klingons get rid of the position of Emperor for 300 ye

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This doesn't have to be an inconsistency. After all, what one ruler proclaims can be revoked by another.
Once Gowron becomes Chancellor, he can say that this law is no longer valid and put K'Ehleyr on the Council.
Or it could be that, despite what the novels said, the ban was put in place sometime in the months between those two episodes. Either way, the point is that Timo was incorrect to assume that women weren't allowed on the Council in Azetbur's time. Both in reality and canonically in-universe, there's no evidence that the ban goes that far back. There was one novel, Sarek by A.C. Crispin, that portrayed traditionalist, sexist Klingons reacting as though Azetbur's chancellorship was shocking, but that's all (and I don't think the Lost Era novels are compatible with that one).
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