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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

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right around when the films came out, I had a "Philosophy of Tolkien" class where Faramir's character came up during class. ...
Wait! What?
You mean the class, or the fat that Faramir's character was discussed?

Assuming "the class," I needed a general ed class and figured this was good. The final was optional, consisting of the prof reading questions from a trivia book and the FOUR students present (it was raining, so most stayed home) tried to answer.

I was able to answer weird ones, amazing the prof.
- Who carved Durin's Doors?
- What was the name of Theoden's horse? Hell, I even knew the horse's mother/s (or maybe it's father's) name.

Same prof taught "Literature of the Old Testament" (which I took) and "Literature of the New Testament" as English courses. Fair amount of writing but no hard research. I think he was agnostic. Really. He wanted people to THINK about the words as literature, not as religious doctrine. Stumped a few religious students in class as they couldn't wrap their minds around that. I found that amusing.
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