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Re: Shia LaBeouf is done with blockbusters and will have real sex in m

LOL, Charlotte Gainsburg, that depressed porn actress that thinks she's a method actor. I love it when actors and actresses get so confused with what they do that they end up having unsimulated sex in front of the camera or unsimulated fight scenes, just because they think somehow it elevates their work. I can only when I read or see about that.

In general, I love it when "art films" do that. It's intellectual porn. The story and characters are just as stupid as in real porn, and the sex scenes are real, and most of the time, they are more aesthetic than in porn. And that's the reason why people watch these films. Not because of the "art". But I don't think anyone of the involved realizes that. Instead, they become all elistist about how they elevated the art of film to new levels. I love it.
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