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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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Was it ever explained in a comic or a book why Pike wanted to become a slave trader?
Who said he wanted to? Wasn't this just an illusion to tempt him to wanting to stay on Talos IV?
PIKE: To the point of considering resigning.
BOYCE: And do what?
PIKE: Well, for one thing, go home. Nice little town with fifty miles of parkland around it. Remember I told you I had two horses, and we used to take some food and ride out all day.
BOYCE: Ah, that sounds exciting. Ride out with a picnic lunch every day.
PIKE: I said that's one place I might go. I might go into business on Regulus or on the Orion colony.
BOYCE: You, an Orion trader, dealing in green animal women, slaves?
PIKE: The point is this isn't the only life available. There's a whole galaxy of things to choose from.
That foreshadows two of the illusions right there, and they had just discussed the fight on Rigel VII, a third.
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