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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Honestly I think I had more fun designing and role playing my characters than anything else. I rather regret not taking any screen caps as I rather like how a lot of them looked. My favourite has to be my inquisitor. I made her a zel-... zabra-...???....the horn headed alien like Darth Maul. I picked the skinny body model, veiny skin texture and three little dreadlocks as I was going for a malnourished ex-slave look, but the result ended up looking more like a 14 year old girl, which oddly enough (combined with mostly sardonic responses), suited the voice actress surprisingly well.

I picked that bald pale skinned alien for my bounty hunter which freaked me out a little when I came to play my agent (a Chiss) as for a second there I thought my bounty hunter was making a cameo.

And since I've said this much I may as well mention that by trooper was an eyepatch wearing, dark skinned, blonde hair cyborg, my sith warrior was a full blooded sith, my smuggler was that green skinned alien with the face tattoos, my consular was that human looking race with no eyes and my knight was a blue skinned Twi'lek.

No humans you'll note. I thought they just looked too boring.
If you play all female, yeah, the aliens look more interesting. During beta, this is what I was doing. Once subbed though, I only rolled dudes just to have romance options I can sorta relate to, and - it turns out humans have a whole lot more facial models than the "alien" races, which is unusual.

My subscription unexpectedly expired sometime today. I was thinking 6 months (+2), not 180 days. Kinda going through mild withdrawals. Read this whole thread again start to finish, lol. Resisting the urge to buy a month just for 3 weeks of endgaming before traveling. But hell, now l I might visit a gym or get some shopping in.

I was pleased though, with the world event and incentive to play all toons, I earned a bit of redemption for my 1st. Got some decent PVP in on the marauder, whom I felt sucked at it back when I was n00b at playing. Probably the reason 4 of my subsequent alts were tanks since then. I'd gotten good enough at the game in general where even just being in all recruit wasn't as frustrating as I thought it would be.
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