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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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I thought the lighting from seasons one and two was far better than the "hospital" lighting they implemented for season three and on.
The S1/S2 lighting was more cinematic, but I think the later, flatter lighting was more realistic.
I disagree. It was a time-saver, I'm sure, just to light up everything and be done with it, but the more dynamic lighting of the early seasons is going to make the first couple years look far superior in HD to the later seasons. At least, IMO, judging from the sampler DVD.
It's truly ironic, but I also believe that this is what will happen. But I'm sceptical if the changes in lighting were only undertaken to save a bit of time. How much did a TNG episode cost back in the day, was it 2 million USD? For that kind of money I'm sure they would find the time to adjust the lighting. I suspect it was more likely a misguided creative decision.
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