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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #61: Worf, Captioning with Honor

Question for LeadHead: will the contest's results be in their own thread?

Worf: I am Worf...Son of Mogh. I am here to boost your ratings.

Garak: If I may, Commander...when you said to Sisko that you promised to leave me intact--

Worf: Not...another...word.

Worf's exposure to Kryptonite gave validation to the old adage--"Whatever doesn't kill you makes you more POWERFUL!"

Bashir: So is there any particular reason why we have to press against the wall why Worf gets the center of the lift?

Jadzia: Dramatic impact. When you have a big speech to make in Ops, talk to me.

Martok: Frankly, Admiral...I would not give a rusted dktagh for a political office. I am not a politician--and would kill anyone who would dare nominate me....
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