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Re: 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon? Mommy porn outsells Potter and Twili

Fifty Shades of Grey baby boom and baby paraphernalia

It's happening. The Fifty Shades of Grey baby boom we here at The Stir predicted months ago is very much a "thing." Moms are announcing right and left that Christian Grey got them pregnant (with a little help from a real live man).

But ladies, some of y'all seem to be taking this obsession just a wee bit too far. Can we just talk about the Fifty Shades baby paraphernalia? It's here. And it's kind of creepy!

Take the onesie that reads "I'm a Fifty Shades baby." It might sound all sweet and innocent, but let's fast forward about, oh, 10 years. Your 10-year-old is paging through the family album and asks "What's Fifty Shades, Mommy?"

Will you be ready to answer that one? Especially when the follow up question is "OK, but what does that kinky sex book have to do with ME?" Face. Palm.
Those poor babies!
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