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Re: Gender choice survey

That could explain why (so far) my female Caitian hasn't had any problems so far: very alien race, standard uniform, and purposely de-emphasized T & A.

I wonder, though...I don't have any more character slots to find out, but is it possible to play a shirtless Orion male on the KDF side? If so, does such a character get PM's or harassment from anybody? Or is the problem only confined to women?

I haven't written it into his bio yet, but my KDF toon even makes a point of disallowing any "battle-inappropriate" costumes for men and women aboard his ship. My response to the fact that such skimpy costumes are allowed in the game. Krantak's rule is basically: if it doesn't provide adequate coverage should your shields drop in combat, it's not allowed. No exceptions. Fighting stupid because you felt a need to show off is dishonorable in his book.
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