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Re: Re-watching Babylon 5 (* SPOILERS *)

I love most of Lyta's arc in this season. I felt like - finally - JMS had begun to really deal with what telepathy for some would do to a race. In a lot of ways I completely sympathized with the motivation behind William Edgars' dark ops against telepaths - not the actual ACTIONS mind you, but certainly what drove them. Humanity being what it is, well, let's just say I'm hugely grateful we don't actually have telepaths.

But back to Lyta, JMS simply took her to the logical extreme conclusion of what anyone would do who had gone through what she had. She tried the system - yeah, one encounter with a Vorlon ruined that. Still, she tried to work within the system until she couldn't bear it anymore. The Vorlons seemed to be her salvation. Kosh took her under his wing and cared for her, and she finally had a purpose. Well, until the Shadows killed him and the other Vorlons decided to use and abuse her. After THEY were finally gone, the Resistance could have offered her something, but ignored her instead - that is, until they needed her.

Like was said above, it's no wonder that when Byron came along, she was so drawn to him. I have to disagree that Byron was all that charismatic a leader, but at least he was addressing the issues that had turned Lyta's life into a horror. After his death, you could see her trying to cling to his ideals while all the time not really espousing them fully. From the beginning of their interactions she debated with him about the best methods to promote their cause. Once he was gone, she had nothing left to lose and only one thing left to live for. Why not use every weapon at her disposal?

Byron and his followers ... *sigh*. I get what JMS was going for. I really do. I wanted to like that story thread so much. But I did NOT like the actor playing Byron. I found his followers to be mostly colorless, long-haired, wide-eyed zombies. Almost none of them had names or ever spoke. They would just come running in and stare at Byron, and suddenly he had a new speech to make. Seriously, what was with all the hair? All the men looked like Fabio wannabes, and the women weren't any better. And the way none of them ever spoke except Byron was just creepy. Near the end, they tried to bring a few of them forward and give them voices, but it was just the few, and they were all the "bad guys."

Don't even get me started on the "singing." Oh. My. Word.
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