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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #61: Worf, Captioning with Honor

Thanks for the win!

Sisko: Is that a hickey from Dax, Mr. Worf?
Worf: We do not discuss it with outsiders.

Garak: You've made your point, Mr. Worf. I now agree you could fly this thing with your eyes closed.
Now, for extra points, can you do it with one hand tied behind your back?

Worf: I like this station! You know, It's exciting!

O'Brien: You know, I've been here for years, and I still can't get over being in a turbolift that's so open on one side.
Worf: This is nothing. Klingon turbolifts have no floor.

Martog: Oooh, Bloodwine is certainly better going down than coming back up...sorry about the carpet Captain.
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