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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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^ At least the Bajoran resistance tried as best they could to confine their attacks to members of the Cardassian military.

And as I said, the Maquis surely could have disabled the Bok'Nor without destroying it.

On the subject of Sisko, though: He did not commit any crimes. Eddington started those attacks with the express intention of wiping out Cardassian colonies. Sisko, OTOH, simply leveled the playing field, by forcing the Maquis and Cardassians to exchange colony sites. No one died as a result of Sisko's actions, but if Eddington had gone unchecked, there would have been casualties... remember, Sisko gave ample warning for the Maquis to evacuate.
He gave an entire planet of thousands, if not millions of people an hour. Even assuming everyone on the planet has a spaceship(highly unlikely), there's no way you're even going to CONTACT everyone.

But hey, Eddington did it, so as long as someone else does it first, mass murder is justifiable... but don't blow up weapon smugglers no matter what! Yeah...

And no, the Bajorian resistance did not confine their attacks to the military. Watch "Cardassians" again. To say nothing of their policy of executing collaborators no matter the cost. Kira was nearly willing to kill her own mother because of that. They used every means necessary to hamper the enemy. That meant killing them. The people who supplied them. The people who helped them. That's how you fight a guriella war.
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