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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

Of course the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. The redrawn lines of Federation and Cardassian space came as a measure to the conclusion to a war the Federation had just concluded with the Cardassian Union. The Maqui were given the option of relocating to Fed. space or living in the dmz under Cardassian rule.

Since Cardassians have no love for humans they attacked them and screwed with their settlements and such. The Maqui, those Federation citizens chose to live in their situation. Attacking Cardassia put the whole Federation at risk. because the Fed and Cardassia had recently come to peace terms. The Maqui expected the Fed to go back to war with Cardassia on their behalf. Cardassia held the Fed accountable for the actions of the Maqui, even though nothing they did was sanctioned or condoned by the Fed. Ignore the Kira Nerys of the galaxy and her preachiness about how the Maqui had the right to defend themselves. Fact is the Maqui should have relocated to Fed. space or tolerate Caradassian torment. The Jem Ha'Dar and the Dominion paid the Maqui back in kind on behalf of their Cardassian allies. The Maqui were the biggest losers of the Dominion conflict.
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