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Re: Worf's "child's uniform"

Looks to me like the armor would do a good job of protecting the body. It seems when we see Klingons do battle they're pretty gentle when it comes to head. (No honor in braining your foe or stabbing him in the skull?) But there also seemed to be a need to give some female warriors an open breastplate. I wonder if that would offer certain -obvious- advantages in combat?

Is a Klingon Warrior in battle just not able to resist the temptation of cleavage? Is it not honorable to force your knife into twin bountiful boobies? Is it dis-honorable for female warriors to wear this type of breastplate (creating an unfair advantage) which is why we only see the Duras Sisters wearing this?

What is the reasoning behind the boob-revealing breastplates?! I demand an answer beyond "it's sorta sexy for TV."
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