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Re: DCAU appreciation

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With the recent 4-disc release of music from the show, I was revisiting a number of episodes in the DVD sets.
Four-disc? I only have two. Was there a second volume I somehow missed?

This also led me to seek out the comic book series from the 90's set specifically in the animated universe, such as the aforementioned "Lost Years".
I wish I could afford to track down all the back issues of those series that I missed. I was only able to collect them piecemeal originally. And while a lot of them conflict with later DCAU continuity, there are probably a fair number that would still work.

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"On Leather Wings" was a good opener as it really established everything you need to know about the character. All of the other DCAU shows begin with "Origin Stories", but B:TAS just jumps right in with the action. C'mon, he's Batman. Does he really need an introduction?
Well, there were a couple of more practical reasons they didn't do an origin. One was that the Burton movie already covered it. The other was censorship; FOX Kids put a lot of restrictions on violence in its programming and so B:TAS had to avoid showing death. So the murder of the Waynes was only indirectly or symbolically alluded to a few times.

But we get introduction eps for the rest of the Rogues Gallery, which at first made me thing the show took place early in his career. At least two years, per "The Jokers Favor", but obviously longer when you take his history with Dick Grayson into account.
Yup. "Robin's Reckoning" establishes that he was already Batman at least 8-9 years before the B:TAS episodes featuring Robin. The ones without Robin could potentially come earlier, though.

"Nothing to Fear" The introduction to the Scarecrow had some powerful stuff, but will always be remembered by me as the ep with Kevin Conroy's delivery of the line, "I am vengence, I am the night, I am Batman!"
A line whose iconic status I hate, because it's totally wrong. Batman is not about vengeance. If he were, he would've killed Joe Chill and retired. Batman is about justice, and about trying to keep other people from having to mourn the deaths of their loved ones.

"Feat of Clay" 1 & 2-- Clunkers.
I thought they were pretty good, especially part 2. The animation in part 1 (by Akom, a generally mediocre studio) was poor, but part 2 was animated by the brilliant Tokyo Movie Shinsha and features some of the most spectacular, amazing animation ever seen on American television at that point.

"The Jokers Favor"-- The first appearance of Harley Quinn and a personal favorite of mine.
Also the first Paul Dini-scripted Joker episode, which is why the previous Joker episodes were all so lame in comparison.

"Mad As A Hatter"-- This one could have been silly, but works in 50s Dick Sprang era kind of way.
It feels much more substantial than that to me, thanks to the dark edge Dini's writing gives it and the soulful brilliance of Roddy McDowall's performance.
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