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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Folks, I just made an account for the game less than a weel ago, and I could use any pointers you veteren plays could give me.

My character, right now is a science officer....and I am wondering what are the best overall 4 traits, when making your character, to have? Also, how good is the TOS Enterprise in the game, I am tempted to buy it when I can. Same goes for the Oberth. Also, can the TOS Enterprise be customized and renamed as well?
I generally depends on what you're going for.

My personal choices are the following (all space traits):-
Elusive - Increases your chance of evading weapon fire.
Accurate - Increases your accuracy. Helps Vs fast moving targets, such as other players.
Techie - Increases hull heals.
Efficient - Increases power levels at lower settings.
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