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Re: New Frontier no more?

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With no new novel from the New Frontier line announced (that I've seen - apologies if I'm not up to date), has anyone heard if Peter is done with his corner of the sandbox?
PAD is awaiting an invitation to pitch a new story. He's not "done" with NF but is always busy with lots of other stuff, so until that invitation comes from Pocket's editor, it seems we are at a stalemate. If sales of the last two (in trade PB, with MMPB reprint a year later, rather than the old hardcover deal he used to have) were disappointing, that might be it for a while.

In 2011, PAD said, on his blog:

and in the linked interview, he says:
"I do have thoughts as to how I’d wrap up the series if given the opportunity. I also have a lot of interesting directions I’d take the books if the series keeps going. But I honestly have no clue if that’s going to come to pass. 'Blind Man’s Bluff' was the last book on my current contract, and I’ve been asking Pocket for a year if the series is going to be continuing. I have yet to get a straight answer, or any answer. So for all I know, 'Blind Man’s Bluff' is the last hurrah of New Frontier."
But there's no reason why it can't bob up again some day. Good characters have a way of surviving.
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