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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Its not neccesarily the theme (although the only theme this episode seemed to have was boredom, I couldn't identify any other themes, unless the aliens count as a theme). I wouldn't think there will be too many "Crichton gets back to earth, but he really doesn't" episodes. I will admit I may be a bit too hard on it, but honestly it wasn't entertaining at all. If its really that important, then thats the worst revelation i've had about the series. This has been a rough week for watching Farscape. First,Chiana, one of the most annoying sci-fi characters I've had to watch in a long time, gets introduced and becomes a main character. Then, a generic, unentertaining episode where literally nothing happens (it was all a dream/hallucination/computer simulation) is said to be one of the most important in the series. Still, I guess I wouldn't automatically skip any episode with the aliens from A Human reaction. As long as they don't do another episode about Chrichton arriving at a fake earth, I think I'll be fine.

That said, I have about 5-6 episodes left of Farscape (and probably 14-15 left of B5). After that, I'll have to wait until I have enough money to get another season (which may be next month, depending on a few things). Which season 2 I get first really depends on which one is better. Even with the recent dissappointments, I'm still leaning towards getting farscape Season 2 first, unless B5 goes from pretty good to spectacular, or Farscape really screws up its last few episodes.
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