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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #61: Worf, Captioning with Honor

Thanks for the win!

Sisko: Mr Worf, Constable Odo is in charge of security around here.
Worf: But that Klingon and Ferengi are breaking the law!
Odo: Mr Worf, -I- am the law around here!

Garak: But we have so much in common! I'm a disgraced Cardssian, you're a disgraced Klingon..
Worf: Cardassian males are too fragile. Stick with Doctor Bashir.

Dax: (off screen) No! Don't shoot Worf! It'll ignite your flatulent discharge!

Dax: Is that a phaser in your pants, you're covering up with that padd or are you just happy to see me?

Sisko: This is good.
Ross: What is it?
Martok: Vodka brewed from Klingon excrement. It's Worf's special blend.
Worf: (thinking) And they say I don't have a sense of humor...
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