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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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Follow-up: Something I should know, but cannot remember at present -- were scripts for the second pilot ["The Omega Glory," "Mudd's Women," and "Where No Man Has Gone Before" were commissioned before the latter was chosen] initially written with Pike instead of Kirk, or was the character recast before the episodes went to teleplay?
According to Inside Star Trek, Hunter dropped out before those three scripts were written. Between that, The Making of ST, and the Unseen Elements of the Original Series Episodes site, I can offer the following rough chronology:

May 18, 1965: Roddenberry issues a memo listing many possible character names for the new captain, with "Kirk" at the bottom (though with "North" penciled in after it).

May 27: First draft script of "Where No Man..." refers to captain as Kirk.

First week in June: The three scripts are submitted to NBC.

June 10: Herb Solow orders "Where No Man..." put into production.

June 18: Roddenberry refers to "Kirk" in memos.

Sometime in June: William Shatner cast.
Interesting! Do you by any chance know where I can find a similar timeline (like this with the dates attached) for the events leading up to the conception/writing/filming of the Pilot?
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