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Re: 2012 Rugby Championship thread

Well, that was an embarrassment.

The All Blacks didn't have to do much more than hang onto the ball, something that was beyond several of our lot. Our non-involvement in the S15 finals series probably didn't do us any favours but the ability to execute absolute rugby basics like catch and pass shouldn't depend on when people last played a game. Beale's pathetic attempt to tackle Dagg is one of the reasons I wasn't that sorry to see him leave the Waratahs; he's not a Cooper-like turnstile but that was disgraceful.

Looks like the giant silver cup is staying on that side of the ditch, unless we somehow get next week's game moved from Auckland and lift about 5000 percent on last night. There were a handful of positives - Barnes in particular should have seen off Cooper (but that won't happen, sadly) - but yet again too many blokes didn't do enough. That doesn't cut it against anyone, never mind the ABs.

Seems SA didn't have much trouble with the Pumas. Not unexpected, but they'll be a different proposition at home.
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