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Cubs are about to extend Castro for seven years, $60 million, with a team option for the eighth year.

What the fuck is wrong with you, Theo? Any time you can lock up a player for huge money who has no plate discipline and is contending for the Starlin Castro Triple Crown (outs made, times caught stealing, errors), that's really something you don't want to do.
Please say that's a joke. We still have team control of him for four years, why is he even -thinking- of an extension?
It's not unheard-of for teams to buy out a player's arbitration years to get some guarantee of cost control.

It's just that they tend to do it with players who, you know, don't suck.

I mean, maybe the Cubs' endgame is that they think they can sucker some moron like Dan Duquette or Ben Cherington into trading for Castro because they'll think he's worth more because his arb years are bought out, but ... good Lord, this is a moronic contract extension if it goes through, because he's going to be untradeable junk during the last three years of the deal, after his exposure as a two-tool player is complete.
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