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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

You know, to come at it from a devils advocate point of view, I wonder if A Human Reaction works after you have seen most of the show, or at least the first two seasons. The reason for that is Kirk555 is right in that we've seen the human goes to earth but it doesn't look right cliche before and on it's own, the episode might not work. Without spoiling anything, when you get done watching the show, and you watch the show again, I'm willing to bet the feeling on "A Human Reaction" would be significantly different because you do know what is to come.

I remember when I first got into Farscape, it was midway through the second season (Almost at the end, and then you had Farscape Undressed to get you ready for Season 3). I guess I was fortunate enough to know what was going on when I did get around to seeing A Human Reaction but to see it as a one off episode, it might come across as a little cliche and boring to some.

I think that's why I suggested to see the episode again after season one. You may think that this is an episode you don't ever want to see again but skipping all the episodes with this theme tells me you might as well stop watching Farscape already. These themes covered in this episode come up again throughout the series, and, like I said, makes this episode maybe more appreciable.
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