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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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I bought a Panama hat. It's a bit too hot here for felt hats at the moment.
Yeah, I guess even Indy can't wear a felt hat all the time!

I was wearing one of my Panamas today too. They're a very easy hat to wear, especially once they get a bit battered with age. I have a knockabout one that's been in several tropical oceans and is now showing a lovely bit of wear & tear. Though I also have a smarter-looking one like yours that can be worn with those kind of looks.

I finally caved in and decided to upgrade from regular broadband to fibre optic. It's a FTTC connection and they've quoted me 71.4Mb download for my specific line, so I'm hoping it gets at least somewhere close to that. Mind you that would be about 20 times faster than my current connection, so even half that would be big difference! It only ended up being an extra 3-ish a month so hopefully it'll be a worthwhile purchase. Won't be installed until towards the end of the month, but I suppose I'm used to waiting when it comes to internet, so...
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