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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

Covering a number of issues:


right around when the films came out, I had a "Philosophy of Tolkien" class where Faramir's character came up during class. My prof and I disagreed on it. He said that Faramir was not to be commended for resisting the Ring because he was never tempted by it. I said that saying Faramir was not "good" for an innate ability to resist the Ring was analogous to not applauding a child for being a musical prodigy.

Three films:

There are 13 dwarves! They have got to be differentiated as characters for the audience to care about them possibly dying. That's going to take some screen time. Bilbo's fears have to be shown (not stated) for the story to work, his going from his comfortable little life to dangerous adventures--how comfortable and why he would go.

I can see that some time would be taken in the family trees. Not necessarily a lot of time, but something showing how hobbits became, well, complacent. Which would go towards why Bilbo's actions were SO unusual for a hobbit. Heck, there could be a bit of Smeagol's people having to leave where they were due to men "invading," leading through the family trees and finally to Bilbo.
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