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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I like the idea, and I like that Sisko went a little bit villainous in this episode (I am a fan of Breaking Bad, after all ), it's just that I think the execution in this episode was terrible. Poisoning a planet is a huge deal, Sisko should probably be spending the rest of his life in a penal colony in New Zealand for what he did, and if the episode wasn't willing to show how he got off the hook then they probably shouldn't have sent him to such an extreme action.

I basically agree.

The core idea is good, and I like the dynamic between Sisko and Eddington.

But... As is occasionally the case on DS9, you can feel that the writers want to go to a dark place with the characters but aren't always really ready to do it. Or they want to do it, but then feel the need to immediately undo it.

I still enjoy the episode for the core material, but it has some really obvious problems, especially the end.
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