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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Wasn't that a Strafleet defense fleet?

At the very least, the Andorian defense fleet was described as being separate from Starfleet--it wasn't a Starfleet detachment.

And don't forget that at one point in FG Riker does say that it appears the Andorians are basing their military stuff on their pre-Federation days. So it doesn't sound like Andor had a separate space fleet during its Federation days.
Paths of Disharmony, to the best of my recollection, did state that Andor had a defense fleet during the Federation period, in much the same way that Vulcan does ("Reunification").

There are things Martin can be fairly criticized for, and then there are things that Martin can't be fairly criticized for. Describing the existence of an Andorian fleet that's described in another recent novel as a fault belongs to the second category, IMHO.
For what it's worth, other novels have shown Federation member worlds with their own ships. In A Time To Be Born, for instance, there are Vulcan, Alpha Centaurian and Benzite ships at the Rashanar Battle Site. Presumably in the later days of the war member worlds were sending their home fleets out to support Starfleet on the front lines.
Which makes sense. If the Governor of the State of Ohio can deploy the Ohio Army National Guard to Cincinnati, and then the President can call that Ohio Army National Guard unit into federal service and deploy it to support U.S. Army troops in Afghanistan, then there's no reason why the Presider of the Andorian Empire couldn't retain the Andorian Imperial Guard under Federation Membership, with the Federation President being able to call Imperial Guard ships into Federation service in times of war.

Also, I wouldn't be too suprised if there were Shran-class starships serving in Starfleet, too. No reason the ship class couldn't have been built for both the Federation Starfleet and the Andorian Imperial Guard during Andor's Federation Membership.
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