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The last two Blurays I purchased were in a 2 for 5 offer. I am, however, cheap...

Does HD make the shark look more rubbery ?
In a sense... I mean, let's face it, that shark is always going to "look fake" the same way that the movie is always going to look like it was shot in the 1970s. It's a product of its time. But I don't think the bluray makes the shark look worse by any stretch.
You know, half the time the REAL sharks "look fake." I mean, the eyes are just as black and blank, the skin smooth but mottled and rubbery-looking, as the fake sharks.
Too true. I think what mostly makes "Bruce" look 'fake' is that he's not capable of the range of movement that real sharks are. The film at a few points intercuts real shark footage with this mechanical one, and I think the mechanical one just sort of sticks out in that it's movements aren't quite right.

Maybe it's kind of like the opposite of a lot of these CG creatures these days. A lot of the ones I see do have great texture and detail, but the way they move seems weirdly exaggerated or wrong somehow.

(Of course, I should be clear that none of this lessens my enjoyment of the film in the slightest. I love JAWS to death.)
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