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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

A full list of the THIRTY-FOUR MINUTES of deleted scenes from Prometheus has made it online! Clearly there won't be a Director's Cut (at least not this first go-around - maybe after Paradise is released), but the titles alone (in film order) demand fans' attention:

"Arrival of the Engineers" (Extended Opening, 2:31)
"T'is The Season" (0:58)
"Our first Alien" (0:42)
"Skin" (0:42)
"We're Not Alone Anymore" (01:22)
"Strange Bedfellows" (2:57)
"Holloway's Hangover" (1:25)
"David's Objective" (0:23)
"Janek Fills Vickers In" (03:27)
"A King Has His Reign..." (Extended scene, 3:40)
"Fifield Attacks" (Alternate scene with half-Xeno Fifield, 2:01)
"The Engineer Speaks" (Extended scene, 04:01)
"The Final Battle" (Extended scene, 5:30)
"Paradise" (?!?!?, 5:05)

As well as a FOURTH viral video:

"Prometheus Transmission" (06:44)
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