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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #61: Worf, Captioning with Honor

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Thanks for the win LeadHead!

Garak: Tell me Mr Worf, and this is a purely hypothetical scenario, what would happen if you caught me cheating on Dax?
Worf: It depends, is Dax doing this of her accord or not?
Garak: Erm... No.
Worf: Well in that case, for violating my Par'Mach'kai I would have to disembowel you, tear off your limps, eat your still beating heart in front of your dying eyes, cut off your genitalia and feed it to my pet tagh, chop off your head and finally throw your body out of the nearest airlock.

(a serious pause)

Worf: Why do you ask?
Garak: Oh I wasn't asking I was teasing you!
Worf: You were?
another pause...

Garak: "And if Dax did consent..."

Worf: "Then it would be the same thing, but then I would replicate some lilies and throw them out of the airlock after your body."


Worf: "Still teasing?"

Garak: "Quite."

Worf: "I was chief of security on the Enterprise."
Sisko: "We have the Constable here."
Worf: "Before that I worked the ops station."
Sisko: "Got that filled."
Worf: "I have experience in command."
Sisko: "See the pips on my shoulder?"
Odo: "We have an opening in Waste Extraction."
Sisko: "On the night shift."
Odo: "Under Rom."
Worf: "Crap!"
Odo: "and urine, and several other alien bodily fluids. You'll get the hang of it."

Garak: "Recently, I was quite surprised to learn that the Federation had produced a literary work that rivals the best Cardassian writers. Since we have the time, allow me to recite... Ode to Spot."

Worf: "Bourbon and gagh, an atomic combination."

Dax: "Have you memorised the Bajoran oath of allegiance, Worf."
Worf: "Yes."
Dax: "This is a joint run station, this is important."
Worf: "I have it memorised. Ee plebnista..."
O'Brien: "I can't wait to see the look on the Major's face."

Worf: "You're doing it wrong."
Martok: "Warnog must not be sipped, it must be quaffed."
Worf: "We'll accept 'chug-a-lug' at a pinch."
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