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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #61: Worf, Captioning with Honor

Thanks for the win LeadHead!

Sisko: I don't want to hear it Mr Worf! Either you take insults like a man or you leave this station!
Worf: But sir! The Enterprise-D crew were merciless in saying I had a micro-sized dick!
Odo: Not much of a man after all...
Worf: Grrrrr!!!

Garak: Tell me Mr Worf, and this is a purely hypothetical scenario, what would happen if you caught me cheating on Dax?
Worf: It depends, is Dax doing this of her accord or not?
Garak: Erm... No.
Worf: Well in that case, for violating my Par'Mach'kai I would have to disembowel you, tear off your limps, eat your still beating heart in front of your dying eyes, cut off your genitalia and feed it to my pet tagh, chop off your head and finally throw your body out of the nearest airlock.

(a serious pause)

Worf: Why do you ask?
Garak: Oh I wasn't asking I was teasing you!
Worf: You were?

Worf: Nobody touches my pet tagh!

Dax: You're putting on weight dear!
Worf: Must you ridicule me and point out my faculties in front of all these people?
Dax: Yes!!!

Martok: What's the matter admiral, can't drink the semen of our butchered foes?
Ross and Sisko: <spit out the liquid in their mouths>
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