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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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Indeed, the mistake was made and inside of a month is being corrected with a free replacement for the defective discs. Whatelse do you want? For CBS to personally come to your door, say they're sorry, and give you a brand-new copy of the season along with an advanced copy of the next season? And, oh, the super-secret plan they have in doing DS9 that's not public yet followed by a blow job?

It's being taken care of.
Did you see my post? Now they're saying replacement discs won't be sent out until September.

Plus, to boot, they had no record of my email submission.

What I want is all customers treated equally, and clear communication.

But I guess that is too much to expect. Like civil discourse is too much to expect from you and your ilk.

And yes, I'm getting pissed at the juvenile behavior exhibited by you and a few others, and I am restraining myself. I have not directed insulting comments at others here, YOU have.
ENOUGH! By my standards, you ARE whining and the repeated angry posts are bordering on trolling. Perhaps you should avoid this thread for a while.
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