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Re: Worf's "child's uniform"

Trekker4747 wrote: View Post
Sort of how I took it.
More or less how I did as well. The whole Klingon schtick when it comes to the Federation in general, Humans in particular, during TNG and parts of DS9, was that they had a peace treaty, but they weren't always happy about that. Several of them still seemed to consider Humans honorless, weak cowards, and no amount of evidence to the contrary would really convince them otherwise. Duras was kind of a huge douche in general, so for him it makes sense, but Gowron displayed this prejudice as well, most notably during TNG's "Redemption" and DS9's "Way of the Warrior", and again as late as DS9 season 7 in "Tacking into the Wind". The latter was probably the most ridiculous instance of all, since at that point, he is trying to question the fortitude and fighting spirit of the military organization that has been fighting tooth and nail against an overwhelming foe alongside the Klingons for nearly two years. Klingons can be belligerent asshats sometimes, but they DO hold in high esteem those who have proven their worth and their honor. I'd wager that at least one of the high-level Klingon officers at the table in the "Tacking" scene has, at some point during the war, fought alongside Starfleet officers, and wouldn't take kindly to Gowron's words.

Just one minor nitpicky point:
SchwEnt wrote: View Post
My take is that the Klingons equate uniforms with military service as warriors (naturally).

Therefore, Klingon uniforms feature armor and medals and ranks and honor badges and weaponry and all that. The uniform of a warrior.
Technically, Klingon military uniforms don't have any armor either. All that other stuff, yes, but not armor.

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