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Re: Voyager Fanfics, Creations, and Favorite Videos

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Yeah I was referring to the lack of B'Elanna.. I initially thought it was a P/J vid and then hopefully thought it was a P/K vid and then realized it was a Paris with moves vid, LOL

I'm not much of a shipper myself, I like vids that are about the individual for the most part.
Oh, I got all that. My kudos were general, genuine admiration, aimed at expressing amazement -- not meant as a comment on absences or source material. I'm not a committed shipper of any stripe (I write P/T mostly because I tend to prefer canon consistency) but I adored every J/P-ish moment of this one.

The other two were fab too -- I laughed tears at the e-Bay one. The pet rock was priceless....

And since we're into sharing, here's one of my favourites: Voyager meets Oceans Eleven:

Sadly, I can lay no claim to it whatsoever.
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