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Re: Star Trek: Republic (Book II: Ties of Blood)

Chapter Two (cont.)

Mar and Jas stood until the doors hissed shut behind the Lorsham priest and then the aide shook his head. “It is a pity that Ordan was revealed to them; they do not understand anything other than force and vengeance, my Lady,” he said quietly.

“Truth, but the Gift makes it impossible to throttle him as I so desire to do,” Mar snapped. Then she say the look on her aide’s face. “What more bad news have you for me, Jas?”

“We have heard from Lord Mak’vegh . . . his ships engaged Republic ahead of schedule,” and here he frowned, “and were defeated.”

Mar sat down and she put her face in her hands. “Dahlgren will react—he will see this as our opening salvo on him and he will return to Earth. Still, he is a month out . . .” and her voice trailed off as she saw the aide shaking his head.

“Mak’vegh did not bother to tell us at the time he engaged Republic; it was fourteen days ago.”

Mar simply sat back in her chair and sighed. “We have two weeks then to finish the job—has Dahlgren communicated with Star Fleet Command?”

“One message, direct to the office of the Chief of Star Fleet Operations . . . with a code who decryption key we lack; he transmitted fourteen days ago and has since gone silent.”

“So he knows about Balao and he knows that someone gave the Klingons the command codes for his ship . . . how the devil did Mak’vegh manage to screw THAT up?” she asked sourly.

“He was . . . unwilling to go into details, my Lady.”

Mar snorted. “I bet he was,” and she sat up and began to pull up a file. “He cannot get to Earth—Republic must be stopped. Is our agent in place aboard the Constellation?”

Jas simply stared at Mar. “We have one dose of the Gift—one! Dare we risk it now, on a ship that has not even been completed?”

“She will be ready for trials in eight days—have our agent infect her core just before Star Fleet starts the trials . . . and see to it that our newest member of the Host knows that Dahlgren and Republic must be stopped.”

Jas swallowed and he nodded. “I will see to it, my Lady.”

Mar nodded at him and she waved her handed as she opened a computer monitor on her desk. If the House of Mak’vegh could not stop this Star Fleet Captain, Mar thought as her aide bowed low and left her office, then she would. Even if it meant that the Gift must be used prematurely to awaken and convert the computer core of Star Fleet’s newest Sovereign-class Starship.
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