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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Aldea
B is for Berengaria VII
C is for Capella IV
D is for Dimorus
E is for Excalbia
F is for Ferenginar
G is for Genesis Planet
H is for Haakon Prime
I is for Iconia
J is for Jupiter station
K is for Kataan
L is for Lissepia
M is for Mintaka III
N is for New Sydney
O is for Ohniaka III
P is for Parada IV
Q is for Qo'noS
R is for Rigel VII
S is for Setlik III
T is for Triacus
U is for Uranus. Darned. I wanted Triskelion.
V is for Vendikar
W is for Weytahn
X is for Xindus
Y is for Yadera Prime
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