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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

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Barb, you live in Manhattan and have time to meticulously compile over a thousand fan films?
I haven't counted them in over a year. I know there are over 500. Where'd you get the 1000 figure, and who said I was meticulous?

If you want meticulous, look at Orion Press. Beautiful lay-outs, etc. For me, it's all quantity.

To address the intent of your question, I'm ill. Not deathly, but I have a heavy cough (you can't catch it, it's complicated) which means people find me obnoxious in group events. For many years I thought I would overcome it, in spite of the comments by my doctors I would never overcome it. But, 17 years after I got it, I now do accept the fact that however long I live, group events are not on my menu.

I do attend science lectures anyway. I sit near the door so I can duck out if I feel a coughing fit coming on. But some people resent me being there, too.

I'm lucky that online came along just when my ability to meet people in real life became difficult.

I wish I could clear my plate enough to renovate and rent out my Manhattan apartment and move somewhere cheaper. Maybe someday. I thought I'd do it when my father died, but he's 92 and there's nothing wrong with him that is likely to kill him anytime soon.

I hope that addresses your comments.

Oh, by the way, did you count my films? Are there 1000 of them now? I have no idea. I just say, "Hundreds" ....
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