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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Well, I've watched two more Farscape episodes.

A Human Reaction - Not much to say about this one. A very "meh" episode, and the only one that I've felt the need to skip parts of it just to get to the end. I don't usually do that, even with episodes I hate, but it was really boring me.

Through the Looking Glass - A good episode. Chiana was still annoying, but she seems to have recovered from her brain damage and wasn't as twitchy, so hopefully she doesn't go back to acting like she has muscle spasms. Her biggest problem in this episode (besides just being generally annoying) is that she was completely useless. The few things she did could have gone to anyone else. She knew about the split dimensions thing because of weapons her species had used, but Aeryn or D'Argo could have been the ones to know about that, and it would have worked just as well. Rygel or Zhaan could have worked the console in the yellow universe. So, she was completely useless, and annoying, but the episode was still entertaining, despite her being in it. As long as most of post-chiana Farscape is like that, good despite her being annoying/useless at times, then I can still see myself enjoying the show a lot, I just have to learn to ignore her.
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