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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Rumour is he's only sold 50 tickets for Lords of Time which smelt like a DSTL fundraiser.
I rather doubt that, the hotel has sold out of allocated rooms.

Were it that few cancellation would have been cheaper.

Tennant excluded the guest list is rather missing the target though.
Did Joiner do a Doubletree and buy up a load of rooms at the Metropole so he could flog them to the gullible at double the hotel's usual rate?

I didn't know Lords of Time had a guest list. I thought the event title was code for "An evening with Tennant". It beggars belief there are people on the Shamasters forum who've paid 200 for gold tickets, lapping up the shit that Joiner's serving them. Same goes for that Bitten event. Talk about being in denial.

As for today's Media 10 release, it's shown Joiner up to the lying piece of shit that he is. After all, about 2 weeks ago he did say that Opening Ceremony/talk tickets would be available to buy in a "couple of days".

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