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Re: Jaws on Blu-ray...

Tis truly a classic but I dunno if I could bring myself to quadruple dip.

I vowed I would not replace my 400 plus VHS collection with DVD but that collection grew to 500+, when I converted to Blu-ray I vowed the same thing, I would only buy Blu-ray going forward with new movies.

I'll admit I have slipped a little over the past few years when I find great sales replacing TOS, the Matrix trilogy, Boxed sets of Alien, Predator, Rambo, Rocky, Die Hard and some of the more panoramic movies such as Saving Private Ryan, The Last Samurai, Braveheart, We were soldiers, The Patriot and a few others but that's about it.
I'd say I only have about 100 blu-ray movies older and new.

Meh, who knows, If I find it around the $10.00 range I might pick it up, I'm still waiting on Top Gun to drop down some more.
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