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Re: Would Nemesis have been received better if.....

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- They wanted a Wrath of Khan like movie with a dark villain whom Picard has some connection with. Didn't we already have that with First Contact?
They also had that in GEN as well, with the Duras sisters coming back. If they wanted a villian who had connection to Picard, they should have had Patrick Steward in the role. I don't mind Tom Hardy, but he's trying to play a darker facet of an already well established character, he never really had much of a chance from the beginning.

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- Picard/Data centered story. While Picard and Data certainly took he center stage in the previous movies, there was some attempt at making the other characters have a relevant role in the story. Nemesis didn't bother trying.
The crew should have been split right from the start, with Riker and Troi already married and onboard the Titan, which would plan an important role throughout (perhaps something involving Ambassador Worf?). I mean would it really have taken Riker and Troi five years to finally get hitched after getting back together at the end of INS?

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- Too much to the point and nothing more. The bad guy is the villain and we must stop him. That's basically it. There isn't much of anything going on for the story make us care for what's at stake.
Why would he want to attack Earth? A planet he has as much connection to as Bajor? Yes his donor was from there, but it was Romulus that created him, abandoned him, then abused him. Surely he should have take his vengence out on them rather than travelling all the way to Earth. More should have been done with his back story, show him going through hell at the hands of the Romulans so that you could sympathise with what he went through.

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- Random scenes that add nothing. Dune Buggy is ok I guess, but a Dune Buggy chase with guns and explosions that is never brought up again is sheer story telling incompetence. We could have cut right back to the Enterprise when B4 first responds to Data after picking up his head and there wouldn't be a sense of something missing from the audience.
That was a pointless scene, with pointless aliens, who had no connection to anything at all. Had both side been looking for the Soong-Type android, and they faced off against a platoon or twelve of Reman shock troops, it might have had a greater sense of involvement in the plot and greater danger for our heroes.

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- Ignoring major character points. Shinzon always goes on and on about how he and Picard are so alike and how Picard is capable of doing all the things he's done. Picard is told by Data that events in ones life shape the person you are. So, what event do we know about that helped shape Picard's life when he was that young? Losing his heart. Shinzon still has his real heart. When Picard tries to reason with him once more, he not only doesn't bring up his artificial heart, but says "you're heart is the same as mine". They had the perfect opportunity to let Picard not only use something from the series, but also give a tangible reason why Picard is who he is as a result of bring brought up differently than Shinzon. He could have told Shinzon that he still has his real heart and that he can still choose a path that won't take all of that away.
Those speeches about how they're different because of the lives they've led, and how each would be like his double if he'd lived that life...well duh! Individuals aren't just nature, nurture has a huge impact on their lives and development. It's basic sociology and they made such a big thing about it, when it really never needed to be.

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- Make it accessible to new comers. This is a big one. How is it that a film which is focused on the last voyages of the TNG crew is being made as a film that is accessible to new comers? This is the end of a near 15 year journey, and they're trying to make it like none of those 15 years ever mattered. That is wrong.
I understand that bums on seats are needed to pay for the film and all the work that went into it, but like you say, its the final chapter of an already well-established saga. Trek in general and TNG in particular has a huge fan base (the hard core ones as well as the occassional viewers), so numbers are already there--it may not be the biggest grossing film if they'd made it one last 'hurah' for the series and the fans, but at least it would have left them satisfied and content. What's wrong with slipping in a few jokes or lines that only fans will get? Not a damn thing
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