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Re: VOY Caption This 83; Curiosity Killed The Cat...

Thanks for the double win!

Upon discovering an alien T-Rex outside the turbolift, Tom and B'Elanna put on their best "Don't eat me, I'm not real" faces.

Harry: "Well, Doc, I have a report that's going to rock your holomatrix."

Doc: "If it weren't for the lack of crew members I'd demote you for that one."

B'Elanna: "Oh great."

Chakotay: "What?"

B'Elanna: "We kept those damn tribbles out of the plasma relays and instead they get into the gel packs. I'm going to be getting fur out of these things for days!"

Chakotay: "I'll get you a lint brush."

Janeway makes the very unfortunate discovery of her fate in Before Dishonor....

Sadly, the Ocampan version of kumbaya never caught on with Harry and B'Elanna.
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